I'm introducing myself

Good old days

I was born on the 31th October 1967 in Mino city, Osaka, Japan. My father had decided to name me "Ryunosuke". However, my mother resist to that. Then, they named me "Kensuke"

When I was a chirdren, I could not adopt so-called school life.

After I was realized as a human being, I had lived near theHankyu railway. I wish to be a motorman of Hankyu railway.

As grown up, I started to study ants in a graduate school. At last I got phD this spring and ended the 21 years long student life. Huhmm-.


I am a postdoctoral member of the laboratory of Animal Ecology, Kyoto University, Japan

I love movies, skiing, or cooking. As you have already known, I am ordinally person when I'm sleepy.

I work at Saho Woman's College.

Here is my picture